Transport from Estonia

Are you looking for efficient transport from Estonia to EU countries? 

  • Weekly export and import services to and from Estonia
  • We have our own fleet and weekly departures
  • We transport your goods on time and with a fair price
  • We carry both full and partial loads
  • The delivery can be arranged door-to-door or elsewhere
  • We specialize in cargo transportation Estonia – EU countries – Estonia
  • As a licensed transport operator, we carry all our goods with liability insurance
  • All our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking systems
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    Frequently asked question:
    • How much goods can fit in the truck?

    A standard semi-trailer is 13.6 m long, which means it can hold 13.6 ldm (loading meters) of goods. A maximum of 34 EUR (120 x 80) pallets and a maximum of 26 FIN (120 x 100) pallets can be fit. The width of the semi-trailer is generally approx. 2.45 m and the height is approx. 2.7 m. The volume is approx. 90 m³ and the maximum load capacity is approx. 24 tons.

    • Who is responsible if the goods arrive damaged or do not arrive at all?

    Every transport company must have valid carrier liability insurance. It covers possible damages caused by a traffic o accident, robbery or fire.  Carrier is not responsible if the goods were damaged due to poor and/or incorrect packaging. The carrier is also not responsible for the negligence of the sender and/or recipient.

    • When is it reasonable to have additional cargo insurance?

    Consider that the carrier’s liability is limited to approx. 10 EUR per 1 kg. Therefore, if your goods are expensive, we recommend that you take out additional insurance for the cargo.

    • What to do if you received damaged goods?

    If you notice that the goods are damaged when you receive them, the first thing you should do is mark it on the consignment note (CMR). The CMR e should also have the signatures of the sender and the carrier. Don’t forget to mark the date and time on the delivery note. Also take pictures. After that you can prepare a complaint.